Google Workspace/Cloud Identity: Sign in Issues

Oct 2022, 26 - Google moved the free "legacy" G Suite accounts to a paid tier. If you don't know who the owner user is but control the domain, you can recover the account using Google Workspace/Cloud Identity: Sign-in Issues form.


Sep 2022, 29 - To install AWS CDK CLI in MacOS you need to install npm first.

Getting Started with the Micronaut® Framework

Jan 2022, 28 - This talk introduces the Micronaut framework and demonstrates how the Framework's unique compile-time approach enables the development of ultra-lightweight Java applications.

Micronaut Podcast E002

Nov 2021, 08 - I talked to James Kleeh, Micronaut development lead, about Micronaut versioning, repository branching, the usage of Testcontainers in Micronaut testing.

21 Apps for 2021 - The Clock

Oct 2021, 17 - The Clock is a beautiful app. Moreover, if you work with a team in multiple time zones, this is the best clock app in MacOS.

Micronaut Filter Regex

Oct 2021, 11 - Since Micronaut® framework 3.1, you can use a regular expression in the HTTP server filter patterns

Micronaut Health Check

Sep 2021, 28 - The health endpoint is the easiest way to expose a health check in your Micronaut application.

Extra Grails Naming Conventions

Sep 2021, 22 - The Grails framework is a covention over configuration framework. Through the years I have created extra naming conventions.

Micronaut Data JDBC

May 2021, 31 - Learn how to a access a database using Micronaut Data JDBC repositories

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 009

Apr 2021, 30 - Hablo con Kini sobre su experiencia en Codemotion 2021 spanish edition, la resaca de aparecer en la newsletter de Alexa ...

KSUID (K-Sortable Unique IDentifier)

Apr 2021, 24 - A globally unique identifier similar to UUID, built from the ground-up to be "naturally" sorted by generation timestamp without any special type-aware logic.

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 008

Apr 2021, 16 - Hablo con Kini sobre como compartir conocimiento dentro de la empresa. Organizar charlas, alojar eventos, conferencias internas...

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 007

Apr 2021, 04 - Hablo con Kini sobre servicios AWS. Los que usan para distribuir el Podcast y los que usan en otros proyectos.

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 006

Mar 2021, 20 - Hablo con Kini sobre creación de contenido, crear de tu marca personal y sobre probar nuevas plataformas.

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 005

Mar 2021, 06 - Hablo con Kini sobre conferencias. El futuro del circuito de conferencias. Conferencias online vs conferencias offline.

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 002

Jan 2021, 22 - Kini y Sergio hablan del Alexa Skill - Informativo de Ángel Martín. Tratan la historia del Skill y los servicios de AWS usados en su desarrollo.

🇪🇸 - 🎙Código Bot 001

Jan 2021, 15 - Kini y Sergio hablan sobre objetivos anuales. Y para ello repasan los objetivos anuales que se fijo Sergio para 2020.

🗣 Micronaut Case Study: Novatec

Dec 2020, 02 - I will join Novatec's crew to talk about their experience with Micronaut developing a production application (learning curve, memory consumption, startup ...).

MacBook Air M1

Nov 2020, 19 - It does not get hot. It is quiet. It is fast. It is the future. It is now.

Gradle Podcast plugin

Sep 2020, 21 - Gradle podcast plugin allows you to create a Podcast RSS feed with a Gradle plugin extension and a set of markdown files for your show episodes.

Micronaut Euro Rates Library

Sep 2020, 03 - Java library to consume Euro foreign exchange rates XML feed published by the European Central bank.

Micronaut® framework 2: AWS Lambda Functions 🔗

Sep 2020, 01 - Micronaut® framework 2 brings improvements to the way you write AWS Lambda functions. There are several things to consider (what's is your Lambda trigger, are you able to write a GraalVM Native Image of the function) which define what dependencies do you need, what is your handler, how to mitigate cold startup.