Micronaut Java libray to consume the Curated API

By Sergio del Amo - Thu, 27 Aug 2020 12:07:00 GMT

Tags: #micronaut

I have used Curated to publish my newsletter Groovy Calamari since I started it.

Today, I published a Java library to consume the Curated API. It is built with Micronaut and you can use it in a Micronaut app or as a standalone library.

This Java library is built with Micronaut and it will allow you to consume the Curated API.

I think it is a good example of Micronaut's HTTP Client capabilities and how easy is to test with Micronaut.

I build with Kordamp Gradle Plugins. I publish it to Bintray. I use Github actions as a CI server. I publish the documentation written with Asciidoc to Github Pages.

Check the Curated API library documentation and the Github Repository.