Run a Gradle build with Nova editor

I build this website with Gradle. Posts are written in Markdown. When I run ./gradlew build, I build a statically generated site, a collection of HTML, CSS, images, PDFs and javascript files. I am trying Nova, the code editor recently announced by Panic. I've been a long time customer of Panic products Coda 2, Transmit. Thus, I was been eagearly waiting for Nova. So far, I can tell you two things. It feels Mac native and it feels fast.

I set some custom tasks to build my website.

Nova run Tasks

Run Tasks provide a highly-configurable interface for running external operations from inside Nova. You can create your own Run Tasks, or they may be provided by Extensions you have installed.

Build Gradle build with Nova

Clean Gradle build with Nova

I wrote this blog post in Nova, build the site locally, commit the changes and push directly from the editor.

Clean and Build with Gradle and Nova

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