Micronaut Turbo - The return of the Monolith

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In this session, Sergio del Amo introduces Turbo integration with the Micronaut® Framework.

Turbo allows you to get the speed of a single-page web application without writing any JavaScript.

Turbo bundles several techniques for creating fast, modern, progressively enhanced web applications without using much JavaScript. It offers a simpler alternative to the prevailing client-side frameworks, which put all the logic in the front-end and confine the server-side of your app to being little more than a JSON API.

Topics include:

  • Integrating Turbo in a Micronaut Application.
  • Use Micronaut Views Templates with Turbo Frames and Turbo Streams.
  • Respond Turbo Frames with the @TurboFrameView annotation.
  • Respond to form submissions using just HTML and a set of CRUD-like actions with Turbo Streams.
  • Deliver page changes with Turbo Streams over WebSockets.
  • Respond Turbo Streams with the @TurboView annotation.

Micronaut Turbo brings back the joy of building web applications with JVM languages.

Target Attendees

Everyone is welcome. However, we recommend attendees have at least a working familiarity with web development, HTTP, Java, and JVM development frameworks. Experience with Micronaut is a plus, but not required.

Technical Requirements

For the lab exercises, you will need JDK 11 and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition or Ultimate.

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