Developer Advocate for Micronaut, Grails, Groovy

Starting today, I transition to a newly formed Developer Advocate role for the 2GM communities at OCI

Starting today, I transition to a newly formed Developer Advocate role for the 2GM (Groovy / Grails / Micronaut) communities at Object Computing. I will continue to work on engineering tasks. However, I will dedicate most of my time to showing what the frameworks are capable of.

Ten years ago, I discovered the Grails framework, and I've been fortunate to work for Object Computing, the home of the Grails and Micronaut® frameworks, for the past 5 years.


The Grails framework is a mature toolkit, and it continues to enhance developer productivity around the world. I hosted a private training last week for a team new to the technology. It is always fascinating to see developers' first reactions when they encounter the Grails framework's productivity perks for the first time. The Grails 5 release is imminent, and its integration with the Micronaut® framework creates even more exciting opportunities. Its convention-over-configuration approach, the use of Groovy, and the integration with beautiful tools such Spock and Geb make the framework a highly productive option for many teams and applications.


I have been lucky to witness the birth of the Micronaut framework from its inception. I was there back when it was still named project Particle back in 2017, and I have made a lot of contributions to it, primarily in the security, problem-json, aws, multitenancy, starter and core modules. However, I have barely scratched the surface! The framework has more than 40 modules. The Micronaut® framework's potential is immense. You can build any kind of application (function, messaging, server, client, cli) with your architecture of choice (microservices, monolith), your favorite build tool, and your beloved JVM programming language. I think that it is fair to say that, since the Micronaut® framework's appearance back in 2018, the JVM framework space has seen a resurgence. And the best is yet to come! I feel privileged to come along for the journey.


Developer advocacy has always pulled me like a magnet. Over the past five years, I have done public speaking, conducted training, and written a weekly newsletter. The thing I am most proud of during this five-year period is the creation of the Grails and Micronaut Guides, which walk users through some of the Frameworks' capabilities. As a writer and reviewer, I have been involved in almost every guide.

But, there are still many things that we can do to improve developer experience with the Frameworks, from people just discovering them to teams using them in their production applications.

I think this is what the frameworks need, and I have ideas about how we can support the community. This new role will allow me to do that. I'm excited about helping users unleash their productivity. The community will fulfill the rest of the deal by building amazing applications.

Sergio del Amo

Tags: #micronaut #grails #oci #advocacy
Oct 2021, 09.