21 Apps for 2021 - The Clock

The Clock is a beautiful MacOS application. Moreover, if you work with a team in multiple time zones, this is the best clock app in MacOS.

Time zones

  • Puneet Behl, Grails framework Development Lead, lives closes to Dehli, India.

  • Most of my Object Computing colleagues are in St. Louis, USA.

  • Paul King, Apache Groovy extraordinaire, lives in Brisbane, Australia. The other side of the globe from where I live.

  • I often support clients in the UK.

The time zone slider is the killer feature for me:

Clock Slider

The Clock Menu bar options

I use The Clock only to show the time in the menu bar:

The Clock menu bar options

Default MacOS Clock Options

I change the default Menu Bar's Clock to Analogue:

Clock Slider

You cannot hide it because clicking on it shows notifications and widgets. It should be possible to show a notification icon instead of a clock to show notifications. That it is bad design to me.

Fantastical Menu bar options

I use Fantastical for my calendaring. I show the date in the menu bar:

Fantastical menu bar show date

End result

This is how my menu bar time situation looks like:

menu bar Fantastical, The Clock and default clock

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