Sergio del Amo

Open Source

I am a developer of Micronaut, the JVM framework, since its inception. I write / review most of the Micronaut Guides. I work a lot in the Security, Views, RSS Micronaut's modules.

Moreover, I have worked a lot with Grails Framework. I have contributed to the framework core code, plugins and guides.


I work as a Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing. OCI is the company behind both, frameworks Micronaut and Grails. I am fortunate to have a job contributing to open source.

Moreover, I often support Object Computing's clients with both frameworks, Micronaut and Grails.


Since early 2015, Sergio has been the author of the newsletter Groovy Calamari.

Conference & Public Speaking

I often talk in conferences. Both in Spain and Internationally. Mostly, about Groovy related technologies, Micronaut and Grails.

Since 2019, I organize Greach Conference.

Tools & Languages & Technologies


I like and use a lot AWS for personal projects and clients. I have the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification.


As a build tool, I like and have expertise with Gradle.


My testing toolset is Spock and Geb.


Nowadays, I write most of my code in either Java or Groovy.

iOS / iPadOS / Android

I have done iOS and Android development. Native development in both platforms. Mostly with Objective-C and Java. I am updating my skills in both platforms to Swift and Kotlin.

Web Development

In the past, I run a indy web design agency. Thus, I have done a lot of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP in the past. I built both static and Wordpress sites. I have stories about DNS, domain registration and hosting.