Grails Programmer : How to install new Relic in a Grails 3 app?

Recently I wanted to install new relic in a Grails 3 app which I distribute through Elastic Beanstalk.

One of the steps described in the new relic documentation is:

In your WAR file, add the newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml files to WEB-INF/lib/.

How to do that in a Grails 3 application?

Create a folder in the root folder of your application called newrelic Copy both files (newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml) to the previously created newrelic folder. Add the next snippet to your build.gradle file:

war {
    from('newrelic') {
        into 'WEB-INF/lib'
        include 'newrelic.*'

Additionally you would probably want to add to the dependencies block in build.gradle the next line:

compile "org.grails.plugins:newrelic:3.19.2"

This will install the Grails newrelic Plugin to your grails app.

Among other things the plugin will insert an interceptor which names transactions based on your controller/action information.

NewRelicInterceptor - An interceptor matching all requests to automatically name transactions as {controllerName}/{actionName}.

We are done in the grails side, complete the installation guide and you will have new relic configured.

Tags: #grails
Feb 2020, 20.