Promotion to Distinguished Engineer

I got promoted to Distinguished Engineer.

OCI recognizes individuals who have demonstrated subject matter expertise in one or more technology areas, and who serve as an organizational and community thought leader and champion, as “Distinguished Engineer”.

A Distinguished engineer:

  • Demonstrates subject matter expertise in specific technology area(s)
  • Applies expertise to create novel approaches to problems
  • Stays current with evolutions in the specific technology area(s) and/or emerging related technologies
  • Are Capable of communicating, sharing, consulting, on the subject matter, serving as a consultant/leader within OCI and with our clients and community
  • Shares expertise with others both inside and outside of OCI in the forms of mentoring, screencasts, user group and conference presentations, and writing
  • Provides significant contributions to related open source software
  • Brings name recognition to OCI through involvement in user groups, conferences, standards bodies, or similar

Two colleagues, which admire a lot Paul King (Apache Groovy Development lead) and James Kleeh (Micronaut Development Lead), received the same promotion. I am humbled to receive the same promotion as they did.

Tags: #oci
Jan 2022, 10.


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🗓 Sep 20 09:00 JCON Online 2022 - Getting Started with the Micronaut Framework
🗓 Sep 23 09:00 JCON Online 2022 - Micronaut® Framework and Microstream Java-native persistence engine