Grails 5 released!

A new mayor release of the Grails framework.

A new mayor release of the Grails framework.

Grails stands on the shoulder of Giants. This release elevates the framework by updating those Giants.

This release includes Apache Groovy 3, Micronaut® framework 3, Gradle 7, Spring Boot 2.5, Spring framework 5.3, and Spock 2.0.

It should be seamless upgrade.

For applications on Grails framework 4, it should be an easy upgrade, as there are not many API changes in Grails framework 5. Also, most Grails framework 4 plugins should work just fine, unless they are using specific Spring, Spring Boot, or Groovy APIs that have been changed or removed.

Congratulations to @puneetbhl, @Schlogen, @davydotcom and the whole Grails Community.

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Tags: #grails
Oct 2021, 12.