How to distribute a Podcast to YouTube

The best way to enjoy a Podcast is to listen to it in a Podcast player - Overcast, Castro, Pocket Casts. You enjoy features such as audio boost, clip sharing, illustrated MP3 chapters, show notes with links etc.

However, Youtube is such a huge distribution platform that you may want to distribute your podcast there as well.

I have struggled with this decision. YouTube is a closed platform with a lot of issues. Moreover, I don't want YouTube to replace the open Podcast ecosystem.

However, we were already distributing Código Bot to Spotify, which one may argue is the biggest threat to the open Podcast ecosystem.

Joe Rogan's full library, dating back 11 years, is to hit the service Sept. 1, and become exclusive to Spotify after that, before the end of the year

Hence, I have decided to distribute Código Bot to a Youtube channel.


  • I created a Youtube account with an email address dedicated to the podcast.
  • I created the channel once logged into Youtube.
  • I verified the account to be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • I generated one video per mp3. I used FusionCast, a MacOS app to turn your podcast episodes into videos for publishing on any platform.
  • Upload the videos and provide some metadata (I filled the date of recording to match the podcast date, the language, title, description and added every video to the podcast).

If you prefer/need to use YouTube to consume your podcast, check Código Bot's Youtube channel.

Tags: #youtube #podcast #fusioncast #macos