Micronaut Guides updated to 3!

Micronaut Guides are step by step tutorials to help you learn the Micronaut® framework.

My colleague Iván López wrote about the improvements to Micronaut Guides infrastructure back in April. We have continued to improve and automate the process.

Thanks to this focus towards automation, Micronaut Guides are updated to the latest version of the framework. Micronaut® framework 3.0.0 was released today. There are 53 guides. Many of them with up to 6 combinations (3 languages and 2 build tools). Every guide contains a ZIP file with the sample of code written with Micronaut® framework 3.0.0. Every guide contains code samples. Every code sample uses 3.0.0.

Guides versions

We version Micronaut Guides. You can find the latest (using Micronaut® framework 3.0.0) at:


But if you want to check guides for 2.5.x, you can find them at:


From 2.5.x to 3.0.x

The pull request to update Micronaut Guides to 3.0.0 is a good representation of the changes necessary to update projects from Micronaut® framework 2.5.x to 3.0.x.

  • Replacements of import javax.inject with import jakarta.inject.
  • Migration from RxJava2 to Project Reactor.
  • Changes in the security guides. Micronaut Security 3 removes UserDetails in favour of Authentication. Authentication and AuthenticationResponse have new static methods to build instances.
  • Small changes (package renaming, use of BeanProvider, ...)

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