HTML Keyboard Shortcuts with accesskey

I added keyboard shortcuts to this website with accesskey HTML attribute.

The accesskey global attribute provides a hint for generating a keyboard shortcut for the current element. The attribute value must consist of a single printable character (which includes accented and other characters that can be generated by the keyboard).

The way to activate the accesskey depends on the browser and its platform.

On MacOS:

  • OPTION + CONTROL + b opens the Blog page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + p opens the Projects page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + c opens the Contact page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + t opens the Tags page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + s opens the Talks page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + m opens the Me page.
  • OPTION + CONTROL + c opens the CV page.

In the blog page, OPTION + CONTROL + 1 opens the latest post.

Tags: #automation #html