The Story of Playdate Podcast

I listened to Panic's Podcast latest episode - The Story of Playdate. I gave up and I purchased a Playdate.

When I was a child I had consoles (Atari, MasterSystem, Gameboy) and I played a lof of PC games but I don't play anymore. I have no console. I do not play games in my phone either. However, I love Panic's software. I am writing this post with Nova. I use Transmit daily. I use Prompt in my iOS devices and I had use other Panic's products such as Coda and Status Board.

I purchased Playdate because I am intrigued with the device, the whole development experience SDK, to support Panic and to bring me back to my Gameboy days. Moreover, I have two small kids. It will be a nice suprise for them as well.

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