Micronaut® Framework and AWS Lambda

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In this session, Sergio del Amo introduces the Micronaut framework integration with AWS Lambda.

Java applications have struggled in AWS Lambda. Mainly due to slow cold starts.

Micronaut applications' characteristics such as fast start-up, low memory consumption, and GraalVM integration can help you workaround cold-startups in AWS Lambda.

You will learn:

  • How AWS Lambda functions written with the Micronaut framework can be triggered with AWS Events (such as an S3 or DynamoDB event) or Alexa Skills events
  • How integrating Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda enables you to write your applications as you would with a Netty runtime (i.e., write your applications as you usually do; run them in AWS Lambda)
  • How to build AWS Lambda Functions with the Micronaut framework and deploy them to a Java runtime or a custom runtime as a GraalVM Native image.

Sergio del Amo is a Micronaut core committer, Developer Advocate for the Micronaut Foundation, and host of the Micronaut podcast.

Elevator Pitch

Java applications have struggled in AWS Lambda. Mainly due to slow cold starts. Building your functions with the Micronaut Framework makes AWS Lambda a viable platform.

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Jan 2022, 28.


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