🗣 Madrid GUG Ask me Anything

I will be joining Iván López tomorrow in a Ask me Anything meetup of Madrid GUG (Grooy Users Group). We are both Micronaut committers and we are asking people to ask us anything. It feels pretentious but people are curious about Open Source and, hopefully, we have something interesting to say about it.

Click the Attend online button in the Meetup page. It is free.


There is an online form if you want to submit a question in advanced but you can submit questions during the event via the chat.

Madrid GUG's talks are usually in Spanish but you are welcome to ask questions in English if you want.

Watch Live

You can follow the meeting live via Youtube.

Madrid GUG

Madrid GUG is my community. I used to drive to Madrid to attend the live meetings and it is nice to see the people in the group, even if this time is, through the computer screen.

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