Static Website Hosting with AWS

I host this website with AWS. It is a static website which I generate with a Gradle build.

This is the architecture diagram:


I have two Amazon S3 buckets. One for the code (HTML, CSS...) and another bucket for the media (Images, Videos...)

AWS Certificate Manager

I created a certificate for the domain name with AWS Certificate Manager. The certificate covers the domain apex and the wildcard *


I have two Amazon CloudFront distributions distributing the content of each bucket. One distribution for the code bucket and another one for the media Both distributions use the certificate. One distribution uses the domain, the other the domain


I manage the website domain name at Hover. I delegate DNS to Amazon Route53. In Route53, I have two DNS Records A which are alias to the CloudFront distributions.

Such an architecture is simpler than it looks like to create. I am really happy with it.

Tags: #aws #s3 #cloudfront #route53 #certificate-manager