Micronaut Error Responses with Problem+JSON

problem+json is my preferred way of formatting API errors and it is easy to use it in a Micronaut Application.

A request to a non existing route:

curl -i locahost:8080/api/v1/bogus


    "message":"Not Found",
    "_embedded":{"errors":[{"message":"Page Not Found"}]}

The previous payload is formatted with vnd.error. The response content type is application/json.

If you add the dependency io.micronaut.problem:micronaut-problem-json, the maven coordinate of Micronaut Problem JSON, the same request:

curl -i locahost:8080/api/v1/bogus


    "detail":"Page Not Found"

Moreover, the response content type is application/problem+json.

Micronaut Problem JSON helps you produce application/problem+json responses from a Micronaut application. It connects the Problem library and Micronaut Error Formatting capabilities.

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Sep 2021, 28.