Restore windows layouts with Moom

Mar 2023, 12

Moom has capabilities to Save and restore window layouts.

Set up a collection of windows in the size and locations you wish, then save the layout. Restore the layout via an assigned hot key or via Moom's menus.

Moom has some AppleScript functionality.

tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Snapshot"

Next is to use Moom in MacOS Shortcuts and with Bunch.

Micronaut CRaC

Feb 2023, 10

In this talk, Sergio del Amo introduces CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint) and its support within the Micronaut Framework.

  • Introduction to CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint)
  • Micronaut CRaC integration.
  • CRaC packaging options for Micronaut applications.
  • Micronaut CRaC with AWS Lambda SnapStart.

Attendees will learn what CRaC is, its benefits and tradeoffs, and how to use it in their applications.

How to deploy in AWS a Micronaut application which persists with MicroStream?

Jan 2023, 31

Similar presentation at JCON Online 2022.

In this talk, Sergio shows how you can deploy a Micronaut application that uses MicroStream for persistence to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You will see an example of a persistence layer built with MicroStream in a Micronaut application.

We will discuss the application architecture. The savings MicroStream persistence offers and the performance metrics we see.

After this talk, you will understand the steps necessary to deploy your next project to production with the Micronaut framework, Microstream, and AWS.

Micronaut Data and CosmosDB

Jan 2023, 31

Micronaut Framework is a modern JVM and modular framework. One of its most powerful modules is Micronaut Data. Micronaut Data is a database access toolkit that uses Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation to pre-compute queries for repository interfaces. A thin, lightweight runtime layer executes those queries.

Since Micronaut Framework 3.8.0, Micronaut Data offers a flavor for [Azure CosmosDB] which supports some of the features Micronaut Data developers love and expect, including:

  • Repositories compile-time generated and projection queries
  • Attribute converters
  • Optimistic locking

In this talk, Sergio del Amo introduces Micronaut Data Azure CosmosDB integration and shows you how easy it is to get started.

Serverless monolith

Jan 2023, 11

In this talk, Sergio del Amo discusses a serverless monolith architecture. An architecture composed of a big serverless function and some small functions for tasks such as schedule jobs, async notifications, and WebSockets.

Sergio explains the different components of the architecture with a Micronaut application deployed to AWS.

The talk covers authentication servers, static websites, serverless functions, and API Gateways.

Attendees will discover that they can have an architecture that scales on demand, is easy to reason about, and boosts developer productivity.

Elevator Pitch

A serverless monolith is an architecture easy to reason about, scales on demand, and boosts developer productivity.

Micronaut Framework and AWS CDK

Jan 2023, 10

In this talk, Sergio del Amo demonstrates the AWS CDK integration with the Micronaut Framework.

The talk shows how to define infrastructure as Java code with Amazon CDK.

You will see how to create a serverless architecture with services such as AWS Certificate Manager, Route 53, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, and Amazon Cognito.

Moreover, the talk demonstrates how to integrate Gatling load tests into the project.

Combining Micronaut Framework and Amazon CDK allows you to define a serverless architecture seamlessly with infrastructure defined as code, making it easy to replicate and deploy into other AWS accounts or environments.

Attendees will gain an understanding of Amazon CDK and how they can leverage it in combination with the Micronaut Framework.

## Elevator Pitch

The talk shows how to define infrastructure as Java code with Amazon CDK and how the Micronaut Framework integrates seamlessly with CDK.

Home Page with the latest blog posts

Jan 2023, 04

I moved the old home page contents to a projects page.

Now, my home page contains the latest 20 posts. Most of my entries are links to other places where I publish content (Micronaut Guides, Micronaut Podcast, Youtube videos, and interesting links. Now the linked title of these posts sends you directly to the external URL.

The ⚓ is a link to the permalink URL in my website for the post. The RSS Feed item's title links to my website, but the RSS Item adds a paragraph at the end of the post with the copy Go to the linked site pointing to the external URL.

Loom Async video messaging

Jan 2023, 04

Today, I got my first Loom video. It is exciting to see a wave of solutions for async communications. Either automatic check-ins written or in a video.

A written check-in is better. However, I am the kind of person who is annoyed by getting audio messages on WhatsApp.

Micronaut Essentials 2022

Dec 2022, 17

This week, I delivered a 12-hour online course of Micronaut Essentials.

I delivered a 12-hour online course of Micronaut Essentails.

I did a lot of live coding and interactions with the attendees. We wrote an application that used Micronaut Security, Micronaut Data JDBC, Micronaut Serialization, Problem+JSON, Micronaut Views, Open API, and Micronaut Reactor.

We will teach Micronaut Essentials again next year. I am looking forward to seeing you on the course.

Partner of Object Computing Inc

Dec 2022, 17

Earlier this month, I flew to St. Louis to attend Object Computing's holiday partner. Gina M Bremehr, President and COO, welcomed me as a new partner of Object Computing Inc - a milestone in my professional career.

Excited and grateful to welcome Teresa Cathey, Tino Nwamba, Sergio del Amo Caballero, Kianna Reed, and Robert Elfanbaum as Object Computing Partners and Equity Shareholders. Thank you to each of you for your outstanding contributions and leadership.

All of us is better than any one of us. Innovate courageously and mindfully. Share it back.

What a journey since my first day at OCI.