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Micronaut Podcast E016

Jan 2023, 07 -

I talked to Mark Sailes, senior specialist solutions architect at AWS, about Micronaut Framework 3.8.0 release and AWS Lambda Snapstart.

Micronaut Podcast E011

Mar 2022, 14 -

I talked to Sakis Kaliakoudas about how they use the Micronaut framework, AWS Lambda, and Kotlin to develop Caribou.

Micronaut Podcast E009

Feb 2022, 14 -

I talked with the Agorapulse crew. Agorapulse was a pioneer in the usage of Micronaut features from Grails Application. Moreover, they maintain several open-source libraries to help integrate Micronaut and Grails, and they have written about their migration from Grails to Micronaut.

Micronaut Podcast E008

Jan 2022, 31 -

I talked about Micronaut Serialization with Graeme Rocher (Micronaut co-founder). Micronaut Serialization can serialize and deserialize Java types (including Java 17 records) to and from JSON and other formats without using reflection.

Micronaut Podcast E007

Jan 2022, 17 -

I talked with the Agorapulse crew. Agorapulse maintains several open-source Micronaut libraries. They talk about some of them (Snitch, Recurly, Rethrow, Segment, Newrelic, Worker, Console, Pierrot ...)..

Micronaut Podcast E006

Jan 2022, 03 -

I talked to James Kleeh (Micronaut development lead) about Micronaut Security.

Micronaut Podcast E005

Dec 2021, 20 -

I talked to C茅dric Champeau (Micronaut core committer at Oracle Labs) about the Micronaut AOT module - a new module that generates build-time optimizations for Micronaut applications.

Micronaut Podcast E004

Dec 2021, 06 -

I talked to Graeme Rocher (Micronaut co-founder). Micronaut Data is a database access toolkit that uses Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation to pre-compute queries for repository interfaces that are then executed by a thin, lightweight runtime layer.

Micronaut Podcast E001

Oct 2021, 25 -

I talked to Iv谩n L贸pez (Micronaut core commiter) about Micronaut integration with GraalVM, the CI Iv谩n built to ensure the Micronaut framework plays well with GraalVM and small tips for users who want to deploy GraalVM Native Images of their Micronaut applications to production.

馃嚜馃嚫 - 馃帣C贸digo Bot 002

Jan 2021, 22 -

Kini y Sergio hablan del Alexa Skill - Informativo de 脕ngel Mart铆n. Tratan la historia del Skill y los servicios de AWS usados en su desarrollo.